The History of Medical Association in Madhya Pradesh starts even before the start of Indian Medical Association. About 92 years ago on 25th December 1921, Medical Practitioners of Jabalpur, Dr. S.N. Barat, Dr. B.B. Chatterjee, Dr. K.L. Bhave, Dr. S.C. Belapurkar, Dr. T.B. Sarwate, Dr. P.V. Misra and Dr. G.N. Harshe, the Sapta Rishis on the horizon of Medical Profession of the time were chit chatting and Dr. S.N. Barat proposed the formation of Medical Association and thus the Association was born on the auspicious day 25th December 1921 to lead the Medical Professionals for ever. In the beginning the meeting used to be held at the Residence of the members in rotation, where matters of clinical importance were discussed. Dr. L.N. Choudhary and Dr. T. George De’Silva joining the Association three years later brought some life in the Association. Late Dr. S.N. Barat and Late Dr. B.B. Chatterjee were the founder President and Secretary of the Association.
In the year 1928 the Indian Medical Association was founded and this Association readily affiliated itself to it. Dr. De’Silva, Dr. K.L. Bave and Dr. T.B. Sarwate were the first Delegates from M.P. for the All India conference at Calcutta in 1931. Thus years passed off and the Association flourished day by day. Dr. George De’Silva became the All India President in 1938 and brought honor to the Association. In the year 1948 while celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the JABALPUR MEDICAL ASSOCIATION under the President ship of Late Dr. G.G. Subhedar who conceived the idea of formation of State Medical Association affiliated to the All India Medical Association. Dr. Jivraj Mehta who was the Chief Guest to inaugurate the function helped a lot to affiliate it to the Central Body of Indian Medical Association. An ad-hoc body was formed with Dr. G. De’Silva as the President. Thus the Association at Jabalpur was the first to initiate the formation of the State Branch. The first State Medical Conference was held in the premises of Hitkarni High School and was presided by Dr. Cholkar. The office was then shifted to Nagpur.

With the reorganization of the states in 1956 the present Madhya Pradesh was formed which included state of Madhya Bharat, Bhopal, Vindhya Pradesh and Mahakoshal area and it was decided to make JABALPUR as State Headquarters of the M.P. State Branch. Dr. R.N. Chatterjee came in the picture as a hard and devoted soldier and became the founder State Secretary of the new State Branch. In the beginning the new State Branch has about 31 branches and today there are about 62 active Branches with about 7000 members. This proves that the Association is gaining strength day by day.

The first President of the reorganized State Branch was Late Dr. C.K. Bhalerao of Raipur with Dr. R.N. Chatterjee as founder State Secretary. Dr. G. De’Silva from Jabalpur was the first National President of IMA from our State. Dr. G.S. Wagle, Indore, Dr. R.N. Chatterjee, Jabalpur. Dr. B.C. Chhaparwal, Indore were the other Past State President who were elected on National President. They have bought honour to the State Branch. In the same way Dr. L.P. Khare, Dr. R.G. Gour and Dr. B.C. Chhaparwal, Dr. D.R. Haryani, Dr. S.N. Goyal, Dr. Arvind Jain are the other Past State Presidents who honoured the State Branch by being elected as Vice Presidents of IMA HQ. The first State conference was held at Jabalpur in 1958 since then the Annual Conference is being held at various places in State. We had the privilege to hold the conference in the remote Tribal District of Madhya Pradesh at Jagdalpur also. So also the State Office has organized two conferences at Pachmarhi, the Queen of Satpuda Hills.……………………………………………………

The State Branch is taking great interest in keeping the Medical men updated with the latest developments in the Medical Science. IMA College of General Practitioner at State level as well as All India level has been established for the purpose. Even at Branch level such CGP Sub-Faculties are working for the same and are conducting continuing Medical Education Programs under the guidance State and Headquarter office. The M.P. State faculty office of CGP has been established at Indore.
IMA Academy of Medical Specialist has been established in the year 82-83 to bring specialist in the IMA fold. The state chapter is also to be started very soon. Dr. R.N. Chatterjee, Dr. J.N. Seth and Dr. Vishnu K. Gupta of Jabalpur are the founder fellows of the Academy from M. P. State Branch. The Association Awards Fellowship to college of General Practitioner (FCGP). The examination is held twice a year.
The Association is fighting for the cause of Medical profession whether in service or in Private Practice. The State Branch has submitted it’s comments and suggestions the State Medical Authorities as well as fighting against quackery. The IMA has also opposed the implementation of Consumer’s Protection Act on Medical Professionals. The IMA has always supported Govt. in implementation National Health Program. The members of the Association are doing a lot of work under Family Planning Program. Some branches are running Family Planning Centers. The Branch is running one Urban Family Welfare Cum Maternal Child Health Center at Jabalpur.
The State chapter with the association of Headquarter has organized a number of Workshops in the State Notably-Workshop on Malaria, which was held at various branches in the state. Emergency Contraceptives, No Scalpel Vasectomy held at Jabalpur Contraceptive update, Anemia and Adolescent Health was held at Bhopal.
The Association is doing Social Service through its branches. The Branches are organizing Eye Camps Diagnostic Camps and many other such activities which are beneficial to be suffering humanity. These days mass immunization work is also being done by the members. The Association takes part in the Social Service works organized by and in cooperation with club-viz Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Giants Group etc.

To encourage the members of the Association the State Branch is conferring various Awards. Awards are also being given to Medical Students of the State.

The Awards are:-

  1. Charak Award  – Given to the renowned Medical Personality.
  2. Dr. B. C. Roy Oration Award – Given to an eminent Medical Personality of the State
  3. Dr. R. A. Bhagwat Award – Givn to a sincere and devoted worker of the Association.
  4. Padmabhushan Dr. S. K. Mukherjee Memorial Award.
  5. Life Time Achievement Award

Other Awards:-

  1. D. R. G. Gour Trophy – for overall best branch.
  2. Late Shri. Khyaly Lal Nahar Trophy – for best Scientific Activities.
  3. Social Activities
  4. Membership Drive (Big Branch)
  5. Membership Drive (Small Branch)
  6. Best Zonal Chairman

The State Branch has also the honour to get prizes from the IMA Headquarter from time to time viz.

Best State Branch doing UNIVERSAL, IMMUNISATION DAY and CHILD SURVIVAL WEEK in the year 1986 – Dr. O. P. Sharma, State President & Dr. P. A. Philip, State Secretary.

  2. BestStateFaculty of IMA CGP Award was received during the Calcutta Conference.
  3. I.M.A. Dr. C.L. Jhaveri Family Planning Award for Best State Branch in the field of Family Planning in the year 2011 – Dr. P.N. Tejanker, State President & Dr. Arun Malhotra, State Secretary.

For the Last 35 years the State Branch is publishing a News Letter, which gives information about various branch activities and important letter from HQ Office Recently, Scientific articles of common interest have become a regular feature making the News Letter more interesting. This is one of the best sources of communication between the office and member. The News Letter is being posted to all members from the State Office.
This is just sketch of the activities and achievements of our association. We all should be proud that the tiny flickering lamp lit by our venerable predecessors has become a glorious blazing torch in the gone by eighty five years. We are confident that the same will brighten the path of our organization enabling it to soar to even higher pinnacles of glory.
We wish and pray to the Almighty that by the time we meet to celebrate the centenary celebrations of the Association, IMA will have attained the status of the most glittering jewel amongst the National bodies, and to that end let us all strive with all our sincerity and strength.