CHARAK AWARD is presented to an eminent doctor for his devoted, selfless service to the profes­sion and mankind. The award was started in the year 1985 by financial contribution of IMA KORBA BRANCH from the savings of the Annual State Conference, this is awarded annually.

Certain criteria on which this is awarded are: A bonafide resident of Madhya Pradesh with a membership of IMA for atleast 15 years, who has excelled in his/her speciality or practice of Medicine. He or She should have at least five scientific publications in an academic journal of medicine of national level. He or she should have an outstanding record of professional service and should posses status and image of a respected person with high sense of profound dedication and moral integrity.



1 Dr. S. K. Mukherjee Indore 1985 Ujjain
2 Dr. Heeresh Chandra Bhopal 1986 Chitrakoot
3 Dr. C. P. Tiwari Indore 1987 Itarsi
4 Dr. N. R. Bhandari Bhopal 1988 BHEL Bhopal
5 Dr. B. B. Ohri Indore 1990 Korba
6 Dr. B. N. Jungalwala Indore 1991 Sagar
7 Dr. R. K. Mishra Jabalpur 1992 Pachmarhi
8 Dr. J. N. Pohawala Indore 1993 Raipur
9 Dr. N.P. Mishra Bhopal 1994 Raipur
10 Dr. B. N. Shrivastava Indore 1995 Satna
11 Dr. G. C. Sepaha Indore 1996 Satna
12 Dr. S. C. Pandey Jabalpur 1997 Indore
13 Dr. B. C. Chhaparwal Indore 1998 Bilaspur
14 Dr. N. N. Laha Gwalior 1999 Bilaspur
15 Dr. Mrs. K Bhagwat Indore 2000 Chhatarpur
16 Dr. D. K. Gupta Jabalpur 2001 Indore
17 Dr. L.S. Sharma Indore 2002 Gwalior
18 Dr. P. S. Hardia Indore 2003 BHEL Bhopal
19 Dr. R. C. Saxena Ujjain 2004 Ujjain
20 Dr. V. K. Agarwal Jabalpur 2005 Jabalpur
21 Dr. Bhartendu Shukla Gwalior 2007 Indore
22 Dr. Vijay Kumar Raina Gwalior 2008 Gwalior
23 Dr. Satish Kumar Shukla Indore 2009 Katni
24 Dr. (Mrs.) Usha Gupta Jabalpur 2010 Jabalpur
25 Dr. Y.R. Yadav Jabalpur 2011 Ujjain
26 Dr. Apoorva Pauranik Indore 2012 Indore
27 Dr. Dhananjaya Sharma Jabalpur 2013 Indore
28 Dr. Devendra Kumar Taneja Indore 2014 Gwalior
29 Dr. Ashok Mishra Gwalior 2015 Rewa
30 Dr. V.K. Bhardwaj Jabalpur 2016 Bhopal
31 Dr. Purendra Bhasin Gwalior 2017 Indore
32 Dr. Arvind K. Pancholia Indore 2018 Jabalpur
33 Dr. Dharam Pal Lokwani Indore 2019 Gwalior


 Dr. B. C Roy Memorial Oration Award was started in 1955 with the inspiration efforts and guidance of Dr. S. C. Barat, the State President of M. P. State Branch. The primary object was to perpetuate the revered memory of Dr. BIDHAN CHANDRA ROY, one of the most eminent Physicians of our motherlands and to honour an outstanding academician of our country as also to give the benefit of the their knowledge to doctors in Madhya Pradesh.

Originally Chemo-Pharma came forward to support this cause and donated the Medal and met all other incidental expenses for eight years. Thereafter they withdraw their support for financial reasons. To continue this award Dr. G.S. Wagle, Past President,IMAM.P.StateBranch very kindly donated a medal for the next recipient. Then Dr. R.S. Shukla donated a medal for the following year, Now the medal is donated by the Organizing Committee of the Conference.

This is awarded to a member with a standing of more than 10 years, bonafide resident of M.P. after reorganization of States in 1956 or should have served / practices in the state for more than 20 years. He should have reasonable record of interest and participation in the IMA activities.

He or she should have undoubted professional and personal integrity.

Should be a practitioner of Modern system of Medicine recognized by the

Medical Council ofIndia.

Should possess a Post Graduate Qualification recognized by the Medical Council of India. Should have published at least five scientific papers in a National or State level Journal of his specialty or should have presented scientific papers at national level conference of his specialty. The oration should be scientific and academic, based on his/her own academic work in the field.


1 Dr. K. K. Datey, Cardiologist Bombay 1966 Ratlam
2 Dr. S. K. Mukherjee, Cardiologist Indore 1967 Jabalpur
3 Dr. R. K. Nigam, Proffessor of Surgery Bombay 1968 Pachmarhi
4 Dr. Rama Murphy, Neuro Surgeon Madras 1969 Indore
5 Dr. B. N. Balkrishna Rao, Prof. Surgery New Delhi 1970 BHEL Bhopal
6 Dr. Mis. Leel V. Pathak New Delhi 1971 Khandwa
7 Dr. B. K. Aikat, Director Prof of Pathology Chandigarh 1972 Bilaspur
8 Dr. A. K. N. Sinha, Cardiologist Patna 1973 Pachmarhi
9 Dr. J. B. Shrivastava, D.O.H.S. New Dellhi 1974 Ujjain
10 Dr. E.P. Barucha, Neurologist Bombay 1975 Mhow
11 Dr. K. D. Sharma Bombay 1976 Raipur
12 Dr. S. L. Mehotra (S. E.Railway) Calcutta 1977 Jabalpur
13 Dr. S. S. Verma (Railway) New Delhi 1978 Satna
14 Dr. C. B. Singh , FRCS Indore 1979 Indore
15 Dr. O.C. Sepaha, Prof of Medicine Indore 1980 Jagdalpur
16 Dr. B. S. Choube, Prof of Medicine Nagpur 1981 Jagdalpur
17 Dr. R. K. Mishra, prof of Ophthamology Jabalpur 1982 Gwalior
18 Dr. N.P. Mishra, Prof & Head of Medicine Bhopal 1983 Bhopal
19 Dr. N. R. Bhandari, Prof & head of Paed. Bhopal 1984 Korba
20 Dr. R. S. Dharkar Gwalior 1985 Ujjain
21 Dr. B. C. Chhaparwal Indore 1986 Chitrakoot
22 Dr. Jagdish Narayan Seth Jabalpur 1987 Itarsi
23 Dr. T. P. Sharma Bhopal 1988 Bilaspur
24 Dr. S. R. Jain Indore 1989 BHEL Bhopal
25 Dr. H.A . Insaf Bhopal 1990 Korba
26 Dr. N. N. Laha Gwalior 1991 Sagar
27 Dr. S. K. Tiwari Raipur 1992 Pachmarhi
28 Dr. K. K. Kaul Jabalpur 1993 Raipur
29 Dr. S. K. Shukla Indore 1994 Raipur
30 Dr. Ajay Shankar Gwalior 1995 Gwalior
31 Dr. S.K. Sapaha Gwalior 1996 Satna
32 Dr. P. S. Hardia Indore 1997 Indore
33 Dr. V. K. Raina Jabalpur 1998 Bilaspur
34 Dr. A. T. Dabke Raipur 1999 Bilaspur
35 Dr. Mrs. Satya Khanijo Rewa 2000 Chhatarpur
36 Dr. Mrs. Savita Inamdar Indore 2001 Indore
37 Dr. Mrs. Ratna Kaul Gwalior 2002 Gwalior
38 Dr. Dhananjay Sharma Jabalpur 2003 BHEL Bhopal
39 Dr. Mrs. Usha Gupta Jabalpur 2004 Ujjain
40 Dr. B. R. Parekh Indore 2005 Jabalpur
41 Dr. H. K. T. Raza Jabalpur 2006 Jabalpur
42 Dr. P. G. Raman Indore 2007 Indore
43 Dr. Purendra Bhasin Gwalior 2008 Gwalior
44 Dr. (Mrs.) Premlata Parekh Indore 2009 Katni
45 Dr. A.K. Pancholia Indore 2010 Jabalpur
46 Dr. Ashok Mishra Gwalior 2011 Ujjain
47 Dr. V.K. Bhardwaj Jabalpur 2012 Indore
48 Dr. C.P. Kothari Indore 2013 Indore
49 Dr. Pawan Agrawal Jabalpur 2014 Gwalior
50 Dr. Rajeev Gupta Greater Bhopal 2015 Rewa
51 Dr. Mukul Tiwari Gwalior 2016 Bhopal
52 Prof. Dr. R.S. Sharma Jabalpur 2017 Indore
53 Dr. Raju Vaishya Gwalior 2018 Jabalpur
54 Dr. Tapas Chakma Jabalpur 2019 Gwalior


 Dr. S.K. Khanijo IMA MP State Oration Award was started in 2018 with the inspiration efforts and guidance of Dr. H.P. Singh, the State President of M. P. State Branch. The primary object was to mark of gratitude to an eminent academician and teacher Par excellence professor Dr. S.K. Khanijo, former Head of department, Department of Medicine, Shyam Shah Medical College, Rewa for his duties and unmatched devotion towards his students and patients. His contribution in reviving and strengthening IMA Rewa Branch is exemplary. Dr. S.K. Khanijo IMA MP State Oration Award will inspire young doctors and medical students towards the highest tradition to serve the humanity.

This is awarded to a Life Member of IMA up to the age of 45 years, with a standing of more than 10 years, bonafide resident of M.P., should have served / practices in the state for more than 10 years. He should have reasonable record of interest and participation in the IMA activities and attended at least three Conferences of IMA MP State Branch.

Should exclusively be practicing Modern System of Medicine recognized by Medical Council of India.

There should be no doubt about his/ her professional and personal integrity.

Should have published at least Three scientific papers in a National Level Journal of his/ her specialty or should have Presented Scientific Papers at National Level Conference of his/ her specialty or IMA Conferences of National/ State level. The oration should be Scientific and Academic based on his/ her own academic work in Medical Field.


1 Dr. Abhyudaya Verma Indore 2018 Jabalpur
2 Dr. Fanindra Singh Solanki Jabalpur 2019 Gwalior


The State Working committee of Indian Medical Association M.P. State Branch in its meeting at Jabalpur on 26th November 1977, decided that the Medical Fraternity of the State owes much to the contribution of Late Dr. R. A. Bhagwat of Indore and hence creation of a Memorial Award in his name would be a humble tribute to his dedication and devotion for the cause of the organization. Consequently. Dr. R.G. Gour, Indore, the main architect and mover of the resolution came forward with the donation of Rs.2000/- A generous donation of Rs.l000/- each from Dr. S. K. Mukherjee and Dr. Sheikh Halim was also received Dr. M.V. Kamath, the then president of IMA M.P. State Branch from Indore donated Rs.500/-. Thus a fund to finance the award was created in the State Branch, and the Award was started from the year 1978.

The Awardee is presented a Medal and a Scroll. The following conditions are to be fulfilled by the proposed candidate bonafide resident of Madhya Pradesh Member of IMA,M.P.Statefor not less than 10 year continuously. Should be an active member of IMA on record like participation, office held, Member­ship Drive, Annual Conference attended, responsible for opening New branches and enrolling member. Special emphasis on his constructive work for IMA and unquestionable moral, ethical and personal record.


1 Dr. B. N. Shrivastava Jabalpur 1978 Satna
2 Dr. Ram Kumar Singh Rewa 1979 Indore
3 Dr. Y. Rahim Jabalpur 1980 BHEL Bhopal
4 Dr. L.P. Khare Satna 1981 Jagadalpur
5 Dr. D. S. Rao Indore 1982 Gwalior
6 Dr. R.. N. Chtterjee Jabalpur 1983 Bhopal
7 Dr. B. U. S. Bhalla Ambikapur 1984 Korba
8 Dr. V.P. Khare Jabalpur 1985 Ujjain
9 Dr. S. N. Shukla Bilaspur 1986 Chitrakoot
10 Dr. Smt. Chandra Khare Satna 1987 Itarsi
11 Dr. P. Rajani Bhopal 1988 Bilaspur
12 Dr. D. R. Haryani Indore 1989 BHEL Bhopal
13 Dr. P. Nema Jabalpur 1990 Korba
14 Dr. A. K. Mishra Indore 1991 Sagar
15 Dr. V. N . Soni Kareli 1992 Pachmarhi
16 Dr. M. L. Rathi Raipur 1993 Raipur
17 Dr. Brijesh Agrwal Jabalpur 1994 Raipur
18 Dr. Navin Nahar Indore 1995 Gwalior
19 Dr. S. Verma Indore 1996 Satna
20 Dr. K. L. Kishnani Bhopal 1997 Indore
21 Dr. O. N. Kaul Gwalior 1998 Bilaspur
22 Dr. Jeewan Lal Jain Sagar 1999 Jabalpur
23 Dr. S. K. Goutam Jabalpur 2000 Chhatarpur
24 Dr. Arvind Jain Jabalpur 2001 Indore
25 Dr. Raj Shekhar Pande Jabalpur 2002 Gwalior
26 Dr. K. L.Maheshwari Bhind 2003 BHEL Bhopal
27 Dr. M. L. Agnihotri Chhatarpur 2004 Ujjain
28 Dr. Shashi Chaturvedi Indore 2005 Jabalpur
29 Dr. Santosh Shukla Sagar 2006 Jabalpur
30 Dr. Mrs. Arunika Bhatnagar Jabalpur 2007 Indore
31 Dr. S.K. Pandey Jabalpur 2008 Gwalior
32 Dr. Kiran Patel Jabalpur 2009 Katni
33 Dr. Dilip Kumar Acharya Indore 2010 Jabalpur
34 Dr. Anil Thakur Jabalpur 2011 Ujjain
35 Dr. B.M. Sharnagat Balaghat 2012 Indore
36 Dr. S.M. Sirothiya Sagar 2013 Indore
37 Dr. Ashok Khanna Jabalpur 2014 Gwalior
38 Dr. Arun Malhotra Jabalpur 2015 Rewa
39 Dr. Aditya Kumar Tiwari Rewa 2016 Bhopal
40 Dr. P.N. Tejanker Ujjain 2017 Indore
41 Dr. R.K. Pathak Jabalpur 2018 Jabalpur
42 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Syal Bhopal 2019 Gwalior


To Cherish Memory of Padma Bhushan Dr. S. K. Mukherjee, MRCP also known as “Bhishma Pithamah” of whole Madhya Pradesh and General India,IMA MPStatehas started this Award in the year 1997. The Award is given to an Eminent General Practitioner of Good Character and practicing in M.P. He/She should have at least 30 years Practice in the profession. He/She should be a qualified Medical Practitioner of State having relentless services of the suffering humanity with rural background.

1 Dr. L.P. Khare Satna 1997 Indore
2 Dr. R. G. GOUR Indore 1998 Bilaspur
3 Dr. S. K. Mukherjee Jabalpur 1999 Bilaspur
4 Dr. D. B. Rjimwale Raipur 2000 Chhatarpur
5 Dr. S. M. Dawande Betul 2001 Indore
6 Dr. A. G. Ansari Jabalpur 2002 Gwalior
7 Dr. D. S. Rao Indore 2003 BHEL Bhopal
8 Dr. V. N. Soni Kareli 2004 Ujjain
9 Dr. Satnam Singh Sagar 2005 Jabalpur
10 Dr. M. L. Sanghavi Manasa 2006 Jabalpur
11 Dr. Nanakram Mansharamani Indore 2007 Indore
12 Dr. (Capt.) Ashok Budhraja Jabalpur 2008 Gwalior
13 Dr. (Cap.) M.C. Dawar Jabalpur 2009 Katni
14 Dr. Ramesh Gokhale Indore 2010 Jabalpur
15 Dr. K.C. Wadhera Jabalpur 2011 Ujjian
16 Dr. J.B. Sen Jabalpur 2012 Indore
17 Dr. L.D. Wadhwani Satna 2013 Indore
18 Dr. S.V. Chandorkar Mandla 2014 Gwalior
19 Dr. Mahendra Jain Indore 2015 Rewa
20 Dr. Sushil Kalley Jabalpur 2016 Bhopal
21 Dr. Nirmal Kumar Neema Indore 2017 Indore
22 Dr. Anil Bhatia Indore 2018 Jabalpur
23 Dr. Mrs. Nalini Achwal Bina 2019 Gwalior


The recipient should be a regular and active member of IMA of at last 35 years duration, age above 60 years and a bona-fide resident of Madhya Pradesh. He should have held office at local level and also at state level. He/She should enjoy good reputation in profession & Society.


1 Dr. L.P. Khare Satna 2010 Jabalpur
2 Dr. R.G. Gour Indore 2010 Jabalpur
3 Dr. R.K. Mishra Jabalpur 2010 Jabalpur
4 Dr. D.S. Rao Indore 2010 Jabalpur
5 Dr. P. Nema Jabalpur 2011 Ujjian
6 Dr. B.C. Chhaparwal Indore 2011 Ujjian
7 Dr. (Mrs.) Arunika Bhatnagar Jabalpur 2011 Ujjian
8 Dr. S.K. Goutam Jabalpur 2012 Indore
9 Dr. Jeevanlal Jain Sagar 2012 Indore
10 Dr. O.N. Kaul Gwalior 2012 Indore
11 Dr. D.R. Hariyani Indore 2013 Indore
12 Dr. Brijesh Agrawal Jabalpur 2013 Indore
13 Dr. K.L. Kishnani BHEL Bhopal 2014 Gwalior
14 Dr. Arvind Jain Jabalpur 2014 Gwalior
15 Dr. Suresh Verma Indore 2015 Rewa
16 Dr. G.K. Nagar Ujjain 2015 Rewa
17 Dr. S.M. Sirothiya Sagar 2016 Bhopal
18 Dr. J.P. Agrawal Satna 2016 Bhopal
19 Dr. Parmanand Rajani Greater Bhopal 2017 Indore
20 Dr. Ashok Mishra Gwalior 2017 Indore
21 Dr. C.P. Kothari Indore 2017 Indore
22 Dr. P.N. Tejanker Ujjain 2018 Jabalpur
23 Dr. Anil Thakur Jabalpur 2018 Jabalpur
24 Dr. Dilip Kumar Acharya Indore 2019 Gwalior